Yamaha’s subtle R1M job

A host of small updates further enhance Yamaha’s flagship YZF-R1M.

It might have been overlooked thanks to the introduction of the intriguing new Niken three-wheeler stealing the limelight at EICMA, but Yamaha’s blue missile, the R1M, is to get a number of subtle updates for 2018 to keep it at the sharp end of the sportsbike spectrum.

The updates will be mostly hidden, with the exception of a new Silver Blu Carbon paint job that shows off more of the bike’s carbon bodywork. Accompanying this will be a number of electronic tweaks which help to enhance the rider experience by improving the suspension, shifting and fuelling.

The top-spec Ohlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) gets updated with the latest Smart EC 2 ERS system, which offers improved support under braking, acceleration and through corners. By working with the R1M’s 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit, the system constantly updates the front and rear suspension to best suit the road conditions, improving front end grip and overall stability.

Alongside the suspension, the quickshifter also gets updated with a more sophisticated system that allows for both upshifts, and for the first time, downshifts too. Both the up and down shifting features can be toggled on or off through the bike’s TFT dash, with the upshift being further customisable with a choice of either a smoother or faster shifting setting.

The revisions to the quickshifter that made downshifting possible were thanks to revisions to the R1M’s ECU mapping. Which also helps with an update to the anti-wheelie Lift Control feature too, working with the Inertial Measurement Unit to keep the front under control.

As with previous years, the R1M will be a limited-edition model and will come with the super-exclusive Yamaha Racing Experience. If it’s tickling your fancy, applications for the bike will commence from November 27.


What about the plain-Jane R1?
The standard R1 will also benefit from updates to its quckshifter system for 2018 and, like the R1M, will also offer downshifting as well as upshifting for the first time. It’ll also come with a new Race Blu colour scheme.








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