2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Leaked? Images Show Fully Removable Roof & Doors

If you were wondering what Jeep had in store for the next-generation 2018 Wrangler, these two images purportedly show the actual model.

The images come courtesy of JL Wrangler Forums, and while we can’t be absolutely sure that this is the actual car, they do seem to match what we’ve seen before in spy shots and a leaked poster from a dealer meeting last year.

Aside from the removable roof and doors, you might also notice that it has a larger front bumper design than the current model, turn signals on the mirrors, headlights curving into the outer grille slats, a longer vented hood, fender vents on the front quarter panels and a windshield that clearly sits closer to the hood.

The profile of the car also features somewhat of a pronounced belt line, thus making it seem that the door handles are positioned slightly below where they currently reside. Furthermore, the windows seem to have more rounder corners and at the rear we seem to be looking at wrap-around taillights.

Speaking of lights, the front fenders apparently have some LED light strips, which is something Car & Driver leaked a while back, depicting the 2018 Wrangler’s new light signatures at the front as well as at the rear. The car could also feature LED headlights according to the same source, alongside the fender strips.

At the back, the lights are said to have glowing X graphics, similar to those on the Renegade crossover, although we can’t exactly tell if that’s true or not from these images alone.

Overall, what we’re seeing is an evolution of the current Wrangler in terms of design. The recipe is the same, yet there appear to be enough extra ingredients for the dish to taste differently. We are of course expecting more changes inside, where the 2018 Wrangler should be better equipped at navigating today’s highly connected and secure automotive landscape.

As for a debut, wanting it to come to next month’s NY Auto Show would definitely be wishful thinking. But hopefully the unveiling does happen sometime this year.

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