Swedish  manufacturer completes the range based on S90 – after the V90 wagon, introduced also the robust  V90 Cross Country  who has ambitions,terrain but in the premium ambience!


It is worth recalling that Volvo started Cross Country range nearly 20 years ago, when fot the first time they introduced this model. According to Volvo, Cross Country models are particularly important for their portfolio as purchasers of luxury vehicles have a lifestyle that occasionally requires driving off the pavement. President of Volvo – Hakan Samuelsson – formulate it this way – “Volvo V90 Cross Country takes the elegance of V90 and transform it into a vehicle that delivers safety, comfort and performance fit and adventurous package.”

The new Cross Country will offer all the advantages and benefits of the “regular” V90 – here are all the drive units that Volvo offers – D4, D5, T5 and T6, which have a capacity between 190 and up to 320 horsepower, and the power It will be supplied to all four wheels. In terms of regular V90, Cross Country has higher goals 65 mm and the distance from the substrate is respectable 218 mm.

Sure, Volvo would not be a Volvo if it did not offer a full range of active and passive safety and V90 will get all the systems that his brothers have – we expect this to be one of the safest – if not the safest – model in the class. There will be a system of semi-autonomous driving Pilot Assist, large 9-inch display with navigation 12.3-inch active display in front of the driver and many more accessories.


volvo-v90-cross-country-01-1 volvo-v90-cross-country-02volvo-v90-cross-country-01

volvo-v90-cross-country-04 volvo-v90-cross-country-06 volvo-v90-cross-country-09 volvo-v90-cross-country-10 volvo-v90-cross-country-12 volvo-v90-cross-country-15 volvo-v90-cross-country-18 volvo-v90-cross-country-20

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  1. Gatot Gajantoro Tirtokoesoemo

    an amazing comfortable car, could i have this car beside my 960 sw? just dream man, can you?

  2. Dan Smith

    Will it be available in a seven seater version (5 plus 2 child seats in rear)

    1. Justin

      That would be nice. Would bring me back to the old days in the 240DL wagon, facing rearward. Whyd they stop doing that?

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