All the new Russian cars are attracting significant media attention, but what we got from Lada XCode is beyond all dimensions


Rarely when Russians are constituting a new car, but when they do,everibody are interested in it. When it comes to SUV concept Lada XCode shown at the exhibition in Moscow, there are many reasons why. First and most important is that with him Lada shows that finally is awakened from decades-old dream.Sleeping the perestroika,and despite everything she remained in Soviet times. But now is the 21st century and Lada XCode look exactly alike – as a vehicle of the new millennium. Professional designer eye will find stylish details whose trends have passed away,but no one will say that it not looks good. Rather,with his dimensions as Nissan Juke causes more than the photos show.


They show an interesting car with a modern look, which the skulptored X-signature flanks further highlights. Roof coming down backwards steeper than usual recalls that the French have involved fingers and futuristic shaped wheels that is thought of everything. For now, many things have remained the property of those responsible for the Lada who did not want to share with the public. What proudly emphasized is that XCode features a series of promising solutions that include applications and turbo engines and all-wheel drive. Not forgetting to mention the connectivity of smartphones and similar gadgets abaut who now evrione is talking.

It is envisaged Lada XCode to find into production next year. Optimists say the sight is a repetition of history, the one that was writen with the Lada Niva. Pessimists remind that before also the Russians had a lot of good concepts that because of numerous reasons not reached the mounting strips. Realists say it difference is that partner AvtoVAZ now Renault. Buyers no one asks – they are certainly satisfied. Satisfied are  and the heads of the Russian producer, on its 50th anniversary is finally ready to step into a new future

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