This te new more agresive and more sporty KIA RIO!!!


Although experienced many changes  who positioned him better in the European market, Kia Rio did not succeed desired success. Therefore, Koreans are preparing for a major changes in the new model …




This is otherwise first official sketches and from them many we can assume  how will be the look of a new model. Of course, the wheels will not be so great, but the rest of the drawings should be fairly faithful to the original. Interestingly,the shape is retained of the current model, but the designers have managed to reach the car  to looks very aggressive and sportier, without loss of functionality.

Changes will have inside also – at least from the drawings, the layout of the front console will now be much more modern, with a central console in which will be placed the touchscreen display. From the drawings is still unavailable to assess what will be the quality of the materials, but ње цан  expect an improvement compared to the current model.


By Kia says that the new model will have much more technology inside and better driving performance – something with what we are not impressed with the current model,who has a fairly poor managing and lack of driving dynamics, at least compared to more agil competitors in the class. Based on the new Rio,Koreans plan and sporty GT model which is supposed to arrive in 2018.

New Kia Rio 2017 3


The official promotion of the car would happen at the fair in Paris this year, when we fill find out all the other details, such  a models and equipment who is going to be incorporated into the model.


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