Shock for the fans of VW: Company stopts the production of “GOLF”

Volkswagen is trying to find a solution for the problem with its suppliers of parts,for which he was recently forced to suspend the production at some of its plants.




The German automaker said that the talks with suppliers are going to continue tomorrow,and in the days after, in order to ensure continuing of production of “golf” and of the brand.

“Of course, we will continue with our discussions,” said VW spokesman, adding that the first talks on Friday lasted until late at night and it was agreed to continuing in Monday.

He added that the company has opened more options without giving more details.

The company Prevent from Wolfsburg is not suppling components as well as member of the group Carr trim who filed a case against Volkswagen,who is adding that it would be interruption of the delivery of avto-prestrilkii until the dispute is resolved. Meanwhile, another member of their group ES Automobilgas interrupted the delivery of parts for installation of engines, but also launched a lawsuit.



Two suppliers say that VW has terminated the contract without explanation or compensation, which led them to stop delivery.

The Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung said that they require 58 million from VW, without citing sources.

A source close to VW-u told Reuters that the company will reduce the working hours of more than 10,000 employees at its headquarters in Wolfsburg.

Due to problems with suppliers more than 7,000 employees currently are assigned to other jobs.

VW for Build comfirm the information that the factory in Wolfsburg  will stop the production of “golf” from October 4 to 7 and 19 to 22 December.

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