Volkswagen Polo SUV!!

Last month it was revealed that Volkswagen are planning a larger and more practical hatchback version of their model Polo, which at the market should appear in 2017 and also was announced SUV version, which is now observed on a spy photos during the testing.

As can be seen from the photos,the new Polo SUV will get a massive body with rougher and sporty look who is going to be a rival of Nissan Juke, Citroen C4 Cactus and Peugeot 2008, and it is expected at the market to appear immediately after the presentation of conventional Polo next year.



vw-polo-suv-003 VW-Polo-SUV-3



Next-generation of Polo models, according to insiders of VW, will be more stretched from the old one because it will be the first supermini from VW Group who is going to be made on the MQB platform and on its slightest version called A0.
A0 architecture will have a one fixed wheelbase,and compared with A1 which has 5 different sizes and on which are made various vehicles starting with the Audi TT and finishing with Golf SV. A0 will start using the new Polo, and then on it will be made the next version of Audi A1, Skoda Fabia and SEAT Ibiza. The wheelbase will be 2,56m, which is 9 cm bigger than the current Polo and 2 cm shorter than the Mk6 Golf models.




Styling will remain conservative, similar to the new version of the Golf, which should appear before the end of this year.In terms of engines will be offered 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline and 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engines will replace the current 1.4 liter petrol and 1.6 liter diesel variants. MBQ platform opens space for plug-in hybrid with a gasoline or diesel engine that would have accompanied the electrical, but the cost of this technology can be an obstacle for the smallest car.The same it should not be a problem for expensive SUV model that would be developed on this platform, based on the T-Cross concept.

Polo SUV will be available in a version with all-wheel drive,with manual or dual-clutch automatic transmission. The offer of engines will vault 1.0 liter 3-cylinder petrol and beginning with turbocharged version of the same engine, with an output of about 110 horsepower.

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