The bomb called Mercedes Maybach 6 …

The concept Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 should be presented at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance these days,but thanks to the benefits of the Internet network,he is already in front of us.

Mercedes has repeatedly revealed the details of this car, and all of us who are not able to “jump” to California, this will probably be the closest you`ll get to see this “beast”.


The line is definitely reminiscent of the Exelero model of the last decade, with its virtually classic lines, but certainly everything is adopted to fit in the new modern era.

Mercedes-Maybach-Vision-6-5mercedes-maybach-vision-6-6mercedes-maybach-vision-6-concept (1)-edit

Special attention attracts the elegans and aggressive front part, with thin headlamps and grille, which together with the bonnet seems like they have been torn from a retro-futuristic sedan.Still we dont now what’s in underneath.

Mercedes-Maybach_Vision_6_oficialni_sada_25_800_600 Mercedes-Maybach-Vision-6-1 Mercedes-Maybach-Vision-6-2


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