Ford Focus RS500 will have over 400 hp

If you thought that with the Focus RS performance engineers from Ford  finished the job, you’re wrong – they still are preparing even more hardkor  performance for a Shake motor winding 400 hp …



Like all sports compacts and RS500 will be developed by the team in Germany who includs Jurgen Gagshtater,with who we  did an interview in which we asked him for these Ford models,and for the direction in which goes their development. The idea behind the model is to offer even more fun in the driving and more adrenaline.

The current model has 350 horsepower, which is more than enough for the full driving experience, but if we have learned anything so far, it is that the cars always have room for more. With over 400 hp, RS500 model will become a real competitor to super sports cars and he will overcome the major competitors Audi RS3 and Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.


The drive will certainly be on four wheels and Drift mode will still be available, with the idea this car to be more fun than its competitors, which are primarily directed to the secure and safe passage through the corners with escape nose ahead. RS500 will be a real machine for enjoyment, and because of that there will be only a manual 6-speed transmiter  gearbox -for automatic in thoroughbred athlete has no place.

The performance will be extreme – acceleration to hundred kilometers will be just 4.2 seconds, which is faster than any Porsche Carrera models, while top speed will be 275 km / h. Impressive for a car that is based on an ordinary Focus.

If you like this what we told abaut RS500, you can plan to buy even from now,because Ford plans to produce only 500 copies of this extreme version.

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