The leader of BMW with two-door!!!!

The project of launching a large coupe BMW entered in the final phase of implementation. The model, which will become the new flagship of the brand received internal factory index – G14 / G15,was announced at the BMW Blog.



Code G14 / G15 indicates the chassis on which will be built the rival of Mercedes-Benz S Coupe.Current flagship of the Bavarians, BMW 7,is useing the designation G11 / G12 who is allowing the creation of sedan and coupe versions. In fact, both models will rely on the same platform – carbon CLAR, which is developing on BMW,and who debuted in a new “seven”.


Bavarians already patented all possible signs of future coupe – from 825 to 850. The list includes the name M8, which means that it will appear and sports modification of the model. For her it provides for a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine, whose power will be within the 650 hp.


According to the informations appearance of series 8 will send in the history a whole family models of BMW – the current series 6. These include a coupe, convertible and Grand coupe, which will be withheld from production. The index “6” will still continue to be used for a new sports car with a mid-engined, which will compete with cars of Porsche. We expect the new BMW coupe to be delivered at the end of 2019, and  sales to begin in 2020.

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