Introduction to the Future!!!

Quote from Encyclopedia: Prologue is a special introduction part of a literary or a musical work


Quote from the world of cars: Prologue is a concept of who will be based  the future Audi A7. The engineers of the brand for quite some time are working on it, and the  prototypes are already on the test tracks. Camouflaged certainly,to be as difficult it can be to capture the lines of next four door coupe. But it should not be an obstacle because we know how he is going to look – although Audi neither confirmed,or neither denied,the mentioned concept from two years ago is a good direction for introduction in the future of the brand. For confirmation of this we will have to wait for the new A8 – mask and bright hexagonal lights that will have are going  to be characteristic of all future large cars from Ingolstadt. There are little dilemmas for the silhouette, which is rumored to be “more organic” or, in other words, with softer lines compared with the sharp edges of the current A7, especially at the rear. This would give to him the required dose of elegance, which he was missing to him.


According to analysts, the new generation of  A7 will have the same dimensions – if it’s greater then it will be only slightly. More will not even be needed -For basis will be used new MLB-evo platform that is easier ,and allows more cabin space. Plus, she has already been adjusted for alternative drivelines – plug-in hybrids, electrics and even hydrogen. Кeeping in mind that it is posible also and different versions of Quattro drive than purely mechanical. And also posible,not to say for certain are more autonomous technologies.




At this point it is not known exactly when we should expect the next generation of Audi A7.



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