Truth or lie?



Only he appeared and already he is outdated and its replacement is ready – it’s the latest news circulating for Honda Civic Type R, though unofficial. But as in all the rumors, this on too contains some truth and a little lie. The truth is that Honda introduced the new generation Civic, and that it is quite normal that one day this model it’s going to appeared in the hot Type R performance. Assuming the lie, but it may lie in the term when it would happen – the remembrance of September and parlor cars in Paris seems premature. However, it is possible to practice because Honda is to represent the concepts of future of new models long before they are ready for serial production. If you really be so, then what you might see in Paris will wait at least a full year. According to rumors will be worth to wait, because instead of the current 306 mentions 340 horsepower pumped from two-liter turbo engine. Clearly, given the experience of Formula 1 for Honda it will be no problem, that will really delighted subjects of concern and brand competitors.

So, we ¬†just need to ¬†wait until September …

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