OFFICIALY: Genesis G80!!!!


Korean manufacturer Hyundai officially unveiled the second model of the luxury Genesis line. It is a sedan model G80, whose sales in many markets in the world will start late this year and early next year.

2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-2The plant of the model is trusted to the 3.8-liter petrol engine developing 311 hp, and there will be more powerful modification with 5.0-liter V8 and 420 hp. These two units are already part of the driving range at the older in size as in luxury G90. Drive of the V6 version is all-wheel drive and chassis of the vehicle is adjusted on the track Nurburgring,said from the company .

The interior of the sedan is a continuation of the trend Huyndai imposed in Genesis, while he was part of the brand. Centrally located 8-inch touchscreen info-entertainment system that includes navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. New and audio system Lexicon Discrete Logic 7 with 17 speakers.


2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-5 2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-10 2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-15

The standard equipment of the G80 includes adaptive cruise-control,system for monitoring the dead zone,system maintenance, bar movement system,changing lights long on average, and a system for extreme braking emergency. The car can stand alone at speed up to 80 kilometers if on the road suddenly appeared pedestrian or vehicle back sharply reduce the speed.
Prices of Genesisi G80 will be known in early sales. At the most markets, G80 sedan will take the place of Hyundai Equus. Following this model, Koreans will launch another 4 models – a small sedan, two crossover models and coupe.

2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-24 2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-25 2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-26 2017-genesis-g80-us-spec-28


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