Prototype of BMW X3M? (VIDEO)

The Paparci caught the next generation of X3 in  the sports edition M at Nurburgring track.

The current generation of the model didn’t received M designation, but with  a steady rise of the models and the versions also,assumption are that in the next it’s more than possible, so this is prototip of the new solution. According to Automotive Mike internal designation of the model is F97,and it’s ranging from well-known unit of the M3 / 3,0 turbo liter sixliter engine,and the power it is close to the limit of 500 horsepower.


The vehicle must face with  the Audi RS Q5 and Mercedes-AMG GLC and this is another reason that we are seeing the vehicle in action. The only thing that causes doubts that it is M Performance it is the exhaust system, which is at all M models with two oval twin tailpipes, while there are two trapezoid? But it is maybe part of the camouflage .

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