Nissan is launching autonomous car at the market!!!


The Japan’s Nissan Motor has introduced a system for driver assistance, which provides the latest minivan of the company to move independently of the highway. The system is similar to that on a manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla Motors and appears in the moment in which the industry is concerned by a series of recent accidents with autonomous cars, writes agency Bloomberg.


Technology that is available in the new model Serena, which will go on sale in Japan in the next month, allows to the minivan to accelerating, stopping and navigate the traffic on the roads.

The software was named ProPilot and sends a warning when drivers will go hands off the wheel

The Japanise  Ministry of Transport said last week that companies who sell cars with features for autonomy should remind users to where extend system boundaries are, noting that the autopilot, Tesla is not fully independent and drivers need to be taken under the responsibility in case of  the incident.


It is expected that the national administration on traffic safety in the United States to publish guidelines as early as this month, in which would be determined the parameters for regulating the autonomous cars.

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