The world discovers Cuba, and Cuba has revealed the new crossover from Audi


Like a  first manufacturer who decides to make promotion on exotic Caribbean country, Audi wants to show the role of leader of the trends that has granted to himself . When it comes to the new Q2, buyers also agree too. He is in many respects a leader, but unfortunately not in the design. Ever since I first met him we could not  get rid of the impression that the recipe that he is made of it is already seen – at the Q7. The difference is that this SUV is small and similarities that attracted as its big brother. It allows valiantly to assert itself as an exclusive alternative for those who are willing and able to pay more. That is one of the reason why it’s called Q2 instead of Q1 as originally was planned.

For mechanical basis has served MQB platform directly borrowed from A3, with which it shares the same wheelbase. Most of the supply consists of variations drive at the front wheels, but Quattro technology is not neglected. The five-door is secure, and gossiped three-door body is still under a thick questionable. How realistic are chances to appear we will find out  this summer after Q2 come out of sale.Than we will know the price – now we know only engines that will be offered. Surprise is the smallest petrol with a liter displacement and 116 horsepower, while the 1.4 and two liters with 150 horsepower and 190 were expected. With the same number of horses have and diesel of 1.6 and two liters.Six step transmission is standard, and the seven-speed S Tronic option for all engines. Sportier S and RS versions of the Audi Q2 is desired and expected, unlike hybrid which is hardly probable least at  the beginning of his life.

Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI on Cuba

He should start with style, although he is the smallest SUV in the range of Audi. Youthful oriented, the latest Junior brand with the four rings should impose stronger than the completion of Q-brand family. Just like Cupid with his arrow, those who have watched their side sends a powerful message that is here. The Germans took a long time to decide to prepare it, but now he will have the task plus – to help restore the ailing image. According to that which is completed we are sure that at the start of sales will market took a big swing. And that in Audi and expect.

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