New Toyota Supra engine will carry a BMW?

Cooperation between the Japanese giant and the Bavarian carmaker is not new – but the announcement is seriously strengthen the mutual exchange of technologies?


As it nears by the premiere of the latest generation of BMW Z4, also begin to appear rumors that cooperation between Toyota and BMW will go to a whole new level. Platform that will use the new Toyota Supra will be jointly developed with experts from BMW, so the new sports coupe Toyota will share many components with the next-generation of BMW Z4. However, the Japanese car will be significantly higher than German, because they will use the extended and expanded version of a common platform.

This not only will allow Toyota to put the new car over the current GT 86, but will also allow to the designers of the Japanese brand to build a unique and distinctive design that fits tradition and history of Supra models. In any case, both cars will use engines from BMW and drive the rear wheels, but also will have the Toyota motors that drive the rear wheels. It is assumed that Toyota will use the same hybrid technology which is used in its LeMans race cars. The new Supra will be the first Toyota model that will use a completely new double-clutch transmission in order to meet the sports requirements.

It is assumed that BMW and Toyota will offer Plug-in hybrid versions of the cars during their lifetime. The debut of the new car is expected sometime in 2017.

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