French carmaker Citroen can be directed to a radical change in the design of the models that are already in the next generation of the popular C4 and C5 or to convert both models into a crossovers

Currently C4 and C5 are very conservative in terms of design from more models on the European market and drastically different from the renewed C4 Picasso, C4 Cactus and the new C3. For this possibility hinted head of Citroen, Peugeot Xavier said as he presented the new C3

– Soon there will be new C4, Peugeot explained. – But he will not be a conventional car. It is possible to change the image of the model, probably a completely new silhouette of the vehicle.
Peugeot added that probably the same will happen with the C5.
-Clearly Is that we want to Citroen to be mainstream manufacturer, and to follow modern and important directions in the development of the industry, says Peugeot. – For that to happen, we need to be present in different market segments. Yes, we want to have a presence in the segment D, where it is currently positioned C5. But if the new model is a direct successor of the C5, I’m not sure?
Pierre Monferino, who is responsible for the development of new models of Citroen, supported the idea of Peugeot:

– We will stay in segment D, but our model are not conventional. The next new model Citroen is likely to be large SUV based on the concept Aircross, which will be produced at the company’s plant in Rennes. It is this model to obtain the designation C5 Aircross, but his appearance incumbent C5 be retired.

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