Porsche is preparing two new crossovers

Model  range of Porsche  can be completed with two new crossovers this year. One of them will be built on the platform of the 911, and the second will be a compact cross-coupe.




Fans of the great Dakar remember that the German manufacturer lavished with the model 959, which in 1985 won the marathon race in the desert. That Porsche 959 was formed on the platform of 911 and looked like a coupe, but it was virtually thoroughbred crossover. And soon he will reappear among the models of the manufacturer from Stuttgart. The car will be built on the chassis of the next-generation Porsche 911 (992), but it is still unclear when they are ready. The main obstacle to the realization of the project at the moment are the new priorities of the Volkswagen Group. Concern has decided to focus on making hybrid and electric vehicles and it is doubtful that the project to create a new crossover of Porsche will be able to fit in the nearest plans of the manufacturer.




Another new project in the Porsche SUV-crossover segment will be Sahara. According to the moment so it will be called cross-body to the Germans. It will be in the style of BMW X4 and X6, and will be offered only in the version with 5 doors. At the core of the model will be the next generation of crossover Macan S which should be ready in 2021

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