Brazilian debut of the new Jeep before the premiere in the USA !!!

Jeep is planing to find replacement for SUV models Compass and Patriot in Brazil this fall, and in North America for the first time , plans to show the car at motor show in Los Angeles in November …


The model will replace two older compact SUVs and is expected for several years and is the next stage of the global plan for development and sales of Jeep, which targets the 1.9 million annual sales by 2018. Fiat Chrysler initially planned to present their vehicle at the international Auto Show in New York in March, but these plans have failed.

“There is no delay in terms of our rhythm of production,” he told to the reporters last week, Mike Manley, head of the Jeep brand and the brand of RAM Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, .. “Because it is a matter of global vehicle ..Today earlier this year I felt it more appropriate for us to celebrate this in Brazil. “


The global resurgence of Jeep began years ago with repairs on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and was followed by the return of the Cherokee in 2013 and then developed after last year manufacturer began building its compact model – Renegade factories in Italy, China and Brazil .

Last year, Jeep sold 118.464 Patriot-and-Compass and 66.698 in the United States, which hold about 21% of total sales of the brand in the United States.

Despite these large numbers, the two SUVs widely seen as below average (subpar) vehicles is the last reminder of the worst years of Chrysler when starved for money by the previous owners Daimler and Cerberus Capital Management. Compass and Patriot debuted in 2006. In addition to being able to drive off-road (off-road), they are also unmatched when it comes to space, styling and fuel economy compared with today’s modern small crossovers.

Fiat Chrysler plans to replace the Compass and Patriot with a model, but the name has not yet been announced. “The name has been decided,” said Manley. “It will be called Compass or Patriot”.

Now, the manufacturer plans to unveil a new Jeep at its plant in Pernambuco, Brazil, somewhere between late September and early November, when production starts. Vehicles produced in the plant will be sold in South America.

The manufacturer plans to begin production of the new Jeep later this year in the factory, along with the Jeep Renegade, which has already been made there. Versions of the vehicle will be made at that plant will be sold in South America.

Versions of the new Jeep SUV, which will be sold in North America are made at the auto factory in Toluca, Mexico. Manley said that they will go on sale in the US early next year.

Manley, also said that the development of next-generation Jeep Wrangler is almost complete and expected to be released during the first half of 2017. The new Wrangler will weigh less and have better fuel economy than the current Wrangler.

Fiat Chrysler will build a new Wrangler in Toledo, in the same factory complex which produces the current version. However, the company will also relocate Cherokee from Toledo, Ohio, of Belvedere, allowing additional production capacity.

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