The new Nissan Leaf- 550 kilometers with a single charge


The next generation of electric Leaf will be a complete competitor to a  cars with engines of internal combustion engines. As saying  the head of the environmental department at Nissan, Gareth Dansmor, the new model will offer avtomoni 340 miles (547 km).




It will look like Leaf II? According to the Japonicee  he will be in form, but tehnicle solutions are very near to the IDS prototype shown at the exhibition in Tokyo. Concept electric batteries had a capacity of 60 kWh and according to Nissan he can travel 500 to 550 miles. According to Dansmor production version that will hit the market in 2018 will not be much different from this



The current Leaf can be ordered with a battery capacity of 30 kWh. This modification is more expensive than standard, but can travel 250 kilometers on a single charge, 50 more than the basic model

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