Nissan GT-R Nismo: Godzilla on the racetrack

After the standard GT-R, the treatment for a refreshing hit and extreme version Nismo. Best craftsmen handcraft “Takumi” is also not lost their commitment to sporting supercars Nissan.


If for Porsche 911 Turbo  there is one opponent in the world who rides behind the bumper, it can not be other than Nissan GT-R. And it lasted for a decade. After the last model refreshing, the GT-R did not stay much in common with the first generation since 2007, except for the basic features in the design. After the “standard” model now comes and extreme version of supersport coupe. GT-R Nismo for the upcoming year receives a new dose of technique underbody.

Brand strategists wisely postponed the start of next-generation GT-R for another two years. The world of four wheels must be left to yearn for cars of this type, look forward to it waits Nissan engineers will extract the new next generation. Strategic was performed correctly and the presentation of the Nismo version of the most challenging race track in the world, the Nürburgring, just at the moment when the whole attention of the audience is focused on the trail deep in the Swabian forest, at a time when driving 24 hours Nurburgring. The trail known as the “Green Hell” is not new terrain for any GT-R for his version Nismo. Thousands of miles have spent this ‘Godzilla’ on the track around the castle Nirburg in grooming and training and the last screw.

Like the standard model, GT-R Nismo is refreshed in the “face”, with a new bumper and grille more in the form of the Latin “V” in order to provide more air. Mask in dark chrome is just one of the hallmarks of Nismo. Even the hood is strengthened, not deformed at high speeds and not to disturb the aerodynamics of the body. Certainly bumper in Nismo is made of carbon, unlike the standard GT-R, with legendary masters “Takumi” Nissan’s hand have asked the layers of carbon fiber in order to ensure perfect rigidity. Fancy dress and wings bumper for greater thrust and correct flow of air over the wings. There is no other serial model of Nissan produces more thrust from the GT-R Nismo.




Alcantara all the cockpit and seats with carbon fiber shell

Facelift brought a refreshed interior, with improved impression of quality, which contributes betting redesigned cockpit, steering wheel and center armrest with Alcantara. In the middle display increased to 8 inches change and handling functions of GT-R, including reducing the number of buttons 27 of only eleven. Most of the functions are transferred to the central switch in the console of carbon. Nismo built and seats with carbon fiber shell and coating of red Alcantara.

Progressed and performance by strengthening the body. Nissan’s engineers explained: “The skrutena karoserial structure allow further tuning of the dampers, springs and stabilizers GT-R Nismo, which together with the increased thrust resulting in improved handling compared to its predecessor.” Expressed in numbers, the new GT-R improved slalom and the lateral acceleration of about 2 percent. All this is achieved without intervention in the engine, which continued its work with 600 hp derived from the 3.8-liter V6 with biturbocharging


Just like the standard GT-R, to hand-made engine version Nismo care team selected from the best masters of their craft, known in Japanese tradition as “Takumi”. Match the price: 150,000 euros.

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