The next Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV coming in 2019

The hybrid SUV with plug-in technique is the greatest pride in the Mitsubishi after Evo and Pajero. Japanese definetly trick the competitors, for Outlander PHEV literally waiting queues. Meanwhile they work on the successor.

For three years, Mitsubishi has sold more than 100,000 copies of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Japanese brand was first to offer hybrid drive combined with the possibility of external battery charge and they didn’t  mistake.Buyers were fascinated and the opportunity to spend more than 50 kilometers with one battery , and obviously not bothering slightly higher price of plug-technique versus ordinary hybrid. Europe is the largest market for Outlander PHEV, with 66,000 copies sold, which means that two out of every three copies of model end among European buyers.
Certainly Outlander PHEV deserved successor and Mitsubishi already working in earnest to it. Completely new generation followed in 2019. What is known so far: Future Outlander PHEV will have twice the range, that will pass over 100 kilometers on a single charge of the batteries. Mitsubishi meets the requirements of customers in terms of traction load. The current model can tow a trailer up to 1.5 ton heavy, future PHEV probably will add another half ton.
Arrival of field plugin hybrid will be accompanied by a crossover drive only power and range between 400 hundred kilometers. In appearance and construction, the crossover is likely to follow the example of the concept eX, shown last year at the salon in Tokyo.
After the recent refresh the Outlander, the next period will be followed by another “update” in the literal sense of the word, with the introduction of support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto.


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