New Suzuki Baleno arrived

Compact and dynamic, and also frugal. With dynamic look inspired by the fluid forms, Baleno can be presented as more sophisticated younger brother of Swift. …






New vehicle arrived in bachelor of Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. The design of the front is inspired by the active movement of fluids which immediately associated with its dynamic character, while the back gives us a sense of refinement and elegance.

Speaking of refinement and elegance, it could say that the interior is characterized by exactly those attributes. The dashboard is sophisticated but at the same time easy to use, while enabling designers Baleno whole interior despite the modern look to be most space class. The luggage compartment of the vehicle is also the highest volume in the class (355 liters), and the need for even more space the rear seats can be collapsed and collected in just one move.

Prices range from 11,490 up to 16,900 euros (the most prestigious model GLX trim level and engine 112KS).






The suspension is tailored to European roads and driving dynamics that characterizes Suzuki as a brand is not lost, on the contrary improved reliability by pointing out driving pleasure.

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The new platform has less weight than the previous model by 15%. The strength was significantly increased (10%) through a complete redesign of the chassis and the new forms that make up, giving the vehicle boasts enhanced security and reliance harder cornering.

The new Baleno is also characterized by two advanced security and practical systems.

RBS (Radar Brake Support) system Suzuki’s system through radar mounted on the front of the vehicle at all times measures the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead. RBS operates at a speed of 5 to 180 km / h and vehicle can observe up to 100 meters. In danger of collision system warns the driver with acoustic signals, and if the driver still does not react, the system through the power device and can completely stop the vehicle. The driver can choose when the system is activated between two options: “FAR” or away and “NEAR” or close.

Adaptive Cruise Control Cruise Control is working through the same system and radar, and is based on balancing the speed to the speed of the vehicle in front of you. The driver can choose between three different settings for the distance from the vehicle ahead: “Medium” or average, “Long” or long and “Short or short.



Baleno safety is satisfactory. The vehicle is equipped with a new so-called “tests” body which absorbs and distributes energy in a crash which reduces stress in the cabin. The car is equipped with front and side airbags, and the better-equipped models receive and curtain airbags along the entire length of the cabin.


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