Renault Clio RS will have 250 horsepower!!!

In a very short time fans of the  hothech performances will be delighted with a new, more powerful version of the hit in this class Renault Clio RS.

According to the French edition of the magazine Evo, Renault is preparing a new Clio RS with power of 250 horsepower, and the efforts of engineers at Renault Sport were aimed at improving the work of the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine that drives the vehicle. Although high power, Clio RS will remain front-wheel drive and transmission remains through automatic gearbox with two clutches which command the levers shifting behind the steering wheel. The most powerful engine offers strong brakes, more direct management and rigid suspension – return to the solutions that have made previous generation Clio RS extremely popular car.
All these changes will appear in the new model to debut at the Motor Show in Paris in October. It is quite possible, however prototype Clio RS 250 hp occur even during the F1 weekend in Monte Carlo across Saturday and Sunday, but this information has not been confirmed
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