Arrives for a new flagship from Peugeot

French giant Peugeot prepares according to program Push to Pass more new models and technologies for the near future, plug-in hybrids, electric, crossovers and even pickup, and it seems a new flagship in the range?



Recently the head of PSA Peugeot Citroen, Carlos Tavares, presented an ambitious program for the future of the concern under the name Push to Pass. It forecast growth of autonomous management of cars and the promotion of seven plug-in hybrid and four all-electric models by 2021 the French are prepared in the meantime to let even a pickup, but far more necessary look renewal of the range of conventional models.

Candidates substantive changes is the current flagship of the range, the model 508. In 2011 and 2012 in Europe sold 80,000 copies on the model, but then dropped his demand seriously. So in 2015 it was realized only 43,301 sedans and station wagons, and leading segment Volkswagen Passat placed 226,127 units. While this is a catastrophic decline, by Peugeot do not intend to highlight the white flag and the French believe to position its largest model in another segment.


In an interview with British magazine. Autocar, the head of the brand, Maxim Peak confirm that considered two options for the future successor to the 508. The first draft of the market predicted to play it safe with transforming crossover model, the fastest growing segment globally but nivo.Postojat and bolder ideas according to a Peugeot who have to face competition in the German class E, with quite a larger model of the 508 who will succeed retired in 2004 – 607 Factory?

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