Massimo Tamburini T12 is the most expensive serial motorcycle

Its price is really big. MotoGP motorcycle Honda, RC213V-S, is costing 200,000 euros and  compared with T12 Massimo Tamburini it looks cheap.57332ce6d01c6

The new T12 Massimo Tamburini’s  is the most expensive motorcycle in the world. In fact, this would be thrue only on condition that the price that we found out for this  motorcycle turned out to be accurate. Massimo Tamburini T12 cost about 300,000 euros, far more than other motorcycles, and the  motorcycle must be paid before it is produced.
Its price is really great. MotoGP motorcycle Honda, RC213V-S is costing 200,000 euros and compared with T12 Massimo Tamburini it looks cheap.

We are not MotoGP riders, but there is something for which we think T12 has all the necessary parts to be a better bike than the Honda. RC213V-S has 215 horsepower, but it is because the motorcycle has additional things to it. Otherwise he has only 159 horsepower, which is not so much compared with bikes already riding on streets.

Unlike him, T12 Massimo already has 230 horsepower. In addition, he’s become the premier class of motorcycle thanks to specially produced suspension.
Massimo Tamburini T12 is obviously not a motorcycle that anyone can afford, but we hope that if they increase production, his price will be redused. People who can afford this model is not so rare in the world of motorcycles, and the fact that he is the most extreme and most complicated motorcycle produced by Massimo Tamburini, already makes this machine a cult.




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