Spring has come

Who has an authentic Mini Cabrio hase to be careful with him – they are apparently rare.



Presented back this fall with its arrival on the market Mini Cabrio announced the arrival of spring, the real one with plenty of sunshine which can be enjoyed driving such convertible. For each case, the British part of the promotional video was filmed in California. However, let’s look because the sun, and Mini Cabrio are the same anywhere in the world.

You may wonder why we waited so long topless version of the new Mini to come – hatchback which serve as the technical basis for several years is present. The answer is simple: developing buggy performance is not a small thing. If you just remove the roof of the car, it loses its strength. It must be resolved, otherwise the vehicle on the road will be slender as a cardboard box. No, the comparison is exaggerated – there are examples in the past when the vehicle is parked with one wheel on the pavement uploaded door can no longer be opened. Also safety plays an important role and every buggy among others, must be active roll bar pads. The new outdoor Mini though has skillfully hidden side airbags.

We are sure that all the fans of this wonderful and amaising car are going to enjoy in all the pleasures that Mini cooper cabrio can bring to all who likes this car.



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