The bigger SUV from  Škoda  will be named Kodiaq




Škoda decided to put an end of a speculations and officially announced that the upcoming SUV with seven seats will be called Kodiaq. For us non-familial, this name is borrowed from the name of the type brown bears who is  living on islands of the archipelago with  the same name on Alaska. Known as the largest in its species, adult males of kodijak bears weigh 750 kilograms and standing on its hind legs to reach 3 meters. Knowing these data need to capture what will be the new SUV of the Czech company. According to the concept shown VisionS, he should be 4.7 meters long, or about twenty centimeters more than the Volkswagen Tiguan and 35 from just represented Seat Ateca.


Because of that for Škoda Kodiaq it will not be a problem  to accommodate seven passengers. If we assume, motorization would be similar to the aforementioned two cousins, and is expected to be available with the full range of transmissions – only the front or all four wheels, manual or DSG gearbox. More specific details are supposed to know the approximation of the salon car in Paris this autumn.

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