Will there be even cheaper Tesla?


Tesla Motors developed compact electric vehicle, which will cost much less than the recently launched Model 3 with a base price $ 35,000. The news comes from the head of the company Elon Musk, who is quoted by Auto Express



Would we have cars with more acceptable price. Roughly speaking, Model 3 was developed with the idea to be able to afford from every second person. The model of the fourth generation will be smaller and will be available to all, Musk explains.

The head of Tesla did not offer any details about the new electric car, hinting only that the project is at an early stage of development. According to Musk in the long term plans of the company always stood job will be made available car on electricity, although the marketing strategy required to start with expensive image-product.

– We were able from the start to build a cheap electric. But the only way to success for a newly established small company with limited resources, it was the launch of an expensive model, and then the cars of the middle price category. Now you can pass to an available and really massive electric vehicles, Musk added.

It is assumed that the new inexpensive Tesla gets your name Model C and a competitor of electric mini models such as Renault Zoe. Sales will begin no earlier than 2018.


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