He is irresistible: Shell introduced an economical city car

Shell company showed a concept of a small city car that consumes about 2.6 liters of gasoline per 100 km.


Shell Concept Car_Side Angled, Door Up *Do use for Advertising purposes, STRICTLY BTL useage ONLY, unless agreed with client & photographer. Please credit Shell/Justin Leighton

If some one is worried about the cars with conventional engines  to continuing to dominate with the world’s roads, that surely are not the oil companies. On the other hand, in front of the manufacturers before placing stricter environmental norms, it is imperative cars every year to reduce environmental pollution enviroment.Oil company Shell introduced the concept of a small city car with an economical petrol engine, which is used for transportation to three passengers. The vehicle is based on the model item 25, which in 2010 has engineered the company Gordon Murray Design.

Its body is made of recycled material of carbon fiber, so the car weighs only 550 kg. Despite the small mass, low power consumption is achieved by a low coefficient of air resistance (0.29).

Another important environmental aspect is the fact that almost the entire vehicle can be recycled, after his working life. Shell recently took care to ensure that all oils including engine oil tricilinderskiot 0.66 liter petrol engine.

During test trials, the car spent an average of 2.64 liters per 100 km, and it remains to be seen whether it comes just a marketing move of one of the oil companies of the world, or this vehicle one day will really get a production version.


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