Mini is preparing a surprise for his fans – a compact sedan, whose development is currently going with an accelerated pace. It expects the final decision of the heads of BMW, whose ownership is the brand to be made soon, and some say they can shine in Beijing?




According to the information new model will be called Riley and Triumph. These two names belong to the Bavarian manufacturer, and the sedan will be built on the platform with front-wheel drive UKL which is based on the latest models of the Mini and BMW cars. The car will need to demonstrate a new business style of the British manufacturer, which should be imposed on models of the brand. It is expected that the distance between the two axes in the sedan reaches 2.760 and the length – 4.300 mm. Similar are the dimensions of the caravan version Mini Clubman, of which will be borrowed engines of the new model. They are 3 and 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines turbo

If the idea of launching the sedan at yhe market is true, then Mini will give up its intention to propose a series roadster, built on the concept of Superlegger Vision 2014. The company is of the opinion that 4-door model will bring far more revenue from roadster and the main markets for similar car will be North America and Kina

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  1. Art

    That is not a MINI but a BMW with bits of MINI on it! Looks nice but no thanks!

  2. Mr.T

    I agree on the comment of Art.
    Mini Marketeers got lost and forget what the brands Dna… Small and clever cars with excellent steering.
    I didn’t. Understand the new clubman either… A posh Ford Focus with misplaced gimmick back doors? By a bmw 3 series and be happy.. But the way Mini is going is the wrong way…. Petty…

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