Mercedes E-Class: Unveiling the new star (Design)

The challenge of developing a new generation of car with tradition and values like those of the Mercedes E-Class is not only in technology but also in design. As every detail in the E-Class is a new, equally recognize the characteristics of its predecessors.


2017 marks the 10th generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan. European model shown.



In the design of the new E-class recognizible are the typical proportions of limousines of Mercedes. Long hood turns into roof curved like a coupe and ends with a broad and rounded rear. At this way with created silhouette is emphasized with short overhanging karoserial, long wheelbase and large wheels. Through the long distance between the front wheels and the edge of the door, the designers achieved the E-Class and visually convey the impression of a comfortable limousine.

For liveliness in the side image contributes to the so-called character line, that edge that starts at the headlamps and linger along the body. In the lower part of the doors and bumpers appeared a second edge, which countered the upper character line and playing style. The side windows are low and elongated, contributing to limo looks more compact than it actually is. This style design philosophy of Mercedes is registered as “the sensual purity.”



Just like with humans: The nose gives it character

The front of the E-Class gives more power than before. “Nose” differs depending on the design line and the level of equipment. The basic version has the classic mask the Mercedes star on the hood, and it has been upgraded in line Exclusive. In contrast, lines Avantgarde and AMG are recognized by sports grille with a big star of Mercedes in the middle. Each variant of the mask gives a different character of the E-Class.

The headlamps have an intelligent “view.” Observed double brow in the altered form of daytime running lights. The basic version comes with H7 halogen lights. With surcharge available LED lights with high intensity and dynamic illumination of the road that give a focused view of the E-Class and are detectable day with twin “torch” and modern details.

2017 marks the 10th generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan. European model shown.

The intention of the distinctive design of daytime running lights for Mercedes to give even greater recognition clearly visible in versions with LED lights with high performance and more air bundle, called Multibeam – LED lights. These follow the inner contour and a special way to support the inclusion of turn signals, the delayed extinguishing the lights on pozition light and daylight. Thus, E-Class is recognizable through illumination as night and day. The entire light group located under a panel of polycarbonate, which is protected from scratches. The casing is black, with a few more details for the impression of depth and quality.


Sport set tail with stardust


The rear lights are blended with the shape of the body and is made with dual luminous strip show belonging to the E-Class in the new generation of Mercedes limousines, following the example of the C-Class and S-Class. Strictness shape of the headlights is repeated. If desired, E-Class is supplied with a special glossy rear lights, which are reminiscent of stardust, the Milky Way or the fiery jet engine. This effect is achieved by innovative reflectors with specially constructed structure on the surface of the rear positional lights, achieving a high gloss that way. In this special version, all functions of rear lights LED pursue.


The design has a safety function. Brake lights and turn signals have different light day and night, within the regulations.

Finally, the black element in the rear bumper achieved tail seem easier and sports. All lines of equipment, with the exception of the base, holding two-part rear bumper and exhaust pipes of stainless steel, which are integrated into the bumper.


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