With the Model S, Tesla show  to the world that electric cars can be beautiful, fast, and elegant. But, Model S has gone for 4 years without any modifications, so it seems it’s time for a refreshed version that would arrive very soon


Tesla Model S

CNET quoted sources from Tesla and claims that the new version of the Model S will get some changes to the exterior, including new schedule will be on the front completely in style of Model X and Model 3. Additionally electric will get new LED lights; will expand the palette. Refreshed Model S will offer to  buyers more luxury and comfort inside. Still no official confirmation, but it is expected the Model S to get completely new seats and extra storage compartments



There is still no information whether dynamics or power of Model S will not change, but it is almost certain that the new version will be more expensive than current. Since Tesla announced that there will be “changes in prices in the first half of April

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