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Elon Musk unveiled the first model of Tesla intended for mass production which was marked as Model 3. At the ceremony in California, debuted the new model of Tesla Motors, which will have a price of $ 35,000 and who, according to Musk is the best car for that amount.

Although sales of the car will start in late 2017, already has a number of orders in presales and during the launch of the new vehicle, potential buyers for the sum of $ 1,000 (or 1,000 euros in Europe) have been able to reserve their copy .

The new electric car has similarities with previous Model S and Model X, but there are enough custom design features that make it unique car.


The front grille is the same color as the body, and no decorative details, so for those who are accustomed to conventional masks cooler front may seem a bit strange.

The interior is completely minimalist designed and Model 3 in this regard has surpassed its predecessors, and the impression is that the interior looks more modern than the other two cars of the company.


The concept of classical instruments is completely rejected, so other than traditional Despite steering handles, all other commands are set on the large 15 inch screen multimedia system, which is mounted on top of the center console. Unlike the Model S and Model X, vertical display position is set horizontally.


“We do not make cars slow” – and said Musk announced that the basic version Model 3 accelerates from 0-100 mph in 6 seconds.


He added that the car on a single charge can travel up to 350 miles before needing a new charge. Until it appears the new model on the market, Musk announced that it will increase the number of supercharger worldwide a total of 7,200 stations that can charge the battery in 20-30 minutes.

The new model will be available in versions with rear-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive, and the default will be equipped with autopilot and numerous safety systems.

The cabin of the car, according to Musk is big enough to accommodate five adults, thanks to the position of the front seats, rear passengers will have enough legroom.

An interesting option is the glass roof which should make the journey more comfortable long-distance passenger and which by default will be part of all Model 3 vehicles.


The promotion Musk announced the first phase and in the future will present the second stage, but it kept for the period that will be closer to the start of series production.






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