Year by year, the Japanese supercar becomes even more super




Nissan GT-R is one of the most important performance icons of the decade. Hiroshi Tamura’s chief engineer of Nissan behind him, the man who in time understood the philosophy of contemporary sports cars. For us ordinary people he has explained the typical way – changing every year sacred act a bit, making it better than the best. The last set of changes is the biggest step forward from the original appearance in 2007. With new titanium exhaust system with active reversal of the noise power is increased by another 20 horsepower to 565. impressive torque curve is flatter for better engine response when accelerating, which before the GT-R breathtaking.





External changes though subtle, give a new fresh look. Designers have hunched mask Maxima a shorter lined the underside in the form of large silver V with a matte chrome finish. His arms like wings disseminated of profiled bonnet and headlights together shape the image of a bird of prey. Characters whole look of GT-R acts more mature and commitment to enhance the cabin atmosphere in it with a focus on driving pleasure. So now there are only 11 in switches instead of 27 – the rest were replaced by new features eith inche touch-screen display of the infotainment system. The handles for changing gears mounted on the steering wheel are more practical for use in corners, and overall quality of the materials is promoted to GT-R look more premium, as befits a car with six-figure price.


Overall, with a multitude of small changes Nissan GT-R is deservedly one of the biggest stars of the exhibition in New York. For some visitors even the greatest.With everithing what they do,in the years behind us they undouptly deserve that place not just on the fair in New York bud generaly on the market.


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