New Jaguar XJ arrives in 2019!!

Jaguar has expanded its range with new models such as XE and F-Pace, but their favorite pet, XJ sedan, are slowly showing wrinkles. The current model of market existed for seven years. Soon it will change, because the new arrives in 2019.


Inside the Jaguar discussing the abolition of the model due to their small sales figures, but after the success of the S-class Mercedes, the sedan XJ give another chance to show.

Design, will make a slight deviation from the current model, and the concept will premiere in 2018. The interior would be much more luxurious, in order to be able to be a serious competitor to the S-class Mercedes and the BMW 7 Series.
The new XJ will konstruct of carbon fibers in order to reduce its mass. Under the hood, you will find new six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, and the offer is likely to find and plug-in hybrid.


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