Renault Captur and 4×4!!!

Best-selling small SUV in Europe – Renault Captur will get a version with 4×4 drive. It will be presented in about a month, and at the market will appear already this year.





French company with this model showed a few days for the market of Russia. It is a 4×4 Kaptur (yes, K), and is probably analogous to the European version, which will still retain the familiar name already.

Market Russia French company chose the name Kaptur, specially made for study found that local users associate the letter K of the key features of the model as quality, comfort and beauty (beauty in Russian).

Information about European Captur 4×4 are limited, but the model assumes that the plant will get the Nissan Qashqai.

More details about Captur 4×4 should be available next month when the scheduled premiere international tests of the model.

Currently Renault Captur is only available with front-wheel drive. It is available and Captur Xmod modification which has a system to better cope with rough terrain.


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