Mitsubishi with a new SUV model every year until 2021

Mitsubishi plans to “invade” SUV category with a few small, medium and large (hybrid and electric) cars in the next 5 years.




New larger SUV based on XR-PHEV II

ASX larger model, the new (yet unnamed) model is planned to replace the ASX for several years. It will be based on the model XR-PHEV II presented at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, a use a small petrol engine combined with an electric motor of 163 hp.


This model will be smaller than the ASX (nearly as Nisan Juke), and will have only an electric drive that you can pass more than 400km on a single charge of the battery. It’ll probably exists in a petrol and diesel variant, and is expected to hit the market in 2018.


For some 4 years should appear and the new version of the Outlander, the plug-in hybrid variant. It is not known whether the diesel version will be produced only 5 seats, or to 7.


Shogun and Shogun sport

Shogun Sport may appear as early as this fall – based on the L200 pickup, you have 7 seats, 2.4 liter diesel engine with 178 horsepower and an option for the 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic. Will use super select 4WD system in the Mitsubishi driving modes of gravel, mud / snow, sand and stones.


“Normal” Shogun in full size will appear last in 2020 or 2021, when it finally replace the current model is 16 years old.

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