Yamaha MT-10 painted in the colors of Valentino Rossi

MT-10 is the new star of Yamaha. Motorcycle derived from powerful YZF-R1 and offers a completely different manner. Since MT family soon became one of the favorite choices, “AD Koncept” model offers moss, MT-10.


The “AD Koncept” is no stranger to the redefinition of the forms that already look good. Some of the latest creations are really impressive. One of the most interesting is the version that proudly shows tread Valentino Rossi.

Unlike some other concepts, this model has only aesthetic
modifications. VR46 machine is called “Doctor.” It has the number of Rossi, 46, as well as its traditional colors.
The side panels, tank and rear painted in interesting colors, and we like the fact that this whole idea is feasible. “AD Koncept” could elaborate pattern which consumers could then inflict on his motorcycle. Of course, to do that you need to obtain permission from Movistar Yamaha and Rossi, but we think there will be no problem about it.

Yamaha MT-10 by AD Koncept 04


Modern fighter who will become retro?

Rarely seen transformation in retro style of one of the newest sports motorcycles, but “AD Koncept” not afraid to experiment. One of their most interesting creations is MT-10, which has a completely different pattern than other motorcycles of this model.


It is amazing how Yamaha MT-10 can be changed if they are added retro, round headlamps and new rear. And the front has changed and he now looks more like a “cafe-racer”. Exhaust is also changed and now the bike gives poklasichen view.

Yamaha definitely need to pay close attention to the MT-10 because it seems that the bike has great potential. We’re almost sure there are people who are willing to buy this model and considering further able to change.

We sertanly hope that this bike is going to be flat to his name,because Doctor is certany deserveing that!!




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