HONDA NSX TYPE R only with rear-wheel drive?

Rumors of a more powerful version of the Honda NSX Type R index are very popular in recent times at the internet. This time it is claimed that the car can receive only one drive axle ?!


Although so far the project has no green light, according to some media, many people in the company would gladly vote for this pass. Most daring predictions are  that Type R will be divided with electric motors on the front axle and thus the plant will be only the rear wheels. Also mentioned more powerful engine, improved suspension, which would contribute to enhanced sporting dynamic characteristics.

In Honda is considering of developing a racing version of the new generation of sporting supercars NSX, in which there will be two electric motors fitted to the front axle of the standard model, just like the battery module. Thus the weight of the vehicle will be reduced by several hundred kilograms. The rear electric motor between the petrol engine and the gearbox will still remain and will be used as a starter-generator. Only by removing the hybrid drive coupling will save 150kg.
Standard NSX weighs 1,750 kg and is powered by a 3.5-liter V6, an electric motor on the rear axle and two electric motors on the front wheels. System power is 573 hp. Honda has not given the green light for the NSX Type-R, but there is a high buoyancy of this model, which may contribute to the restoration of traditional sporting spirit of the brand. The next Pikes Peak will be released two factory supported teams with NSX rear-wheel drive.


Possibly NSX Type-R is possible with active elements for aerodynamics, already tested several prototypes in the development phase of the model. It is certainthat is thinking of the roadster version of the NSX, true to the tradition of the model. NSX sales on the European market starting in April, at a price of 180,000 euros, and the delivery will follow in the autumn.
Expected for demonstration purposes Honda to present such their samples model mountain race Pikes Peak.

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