Flying under the radar






At the Geneva Motor Show this year a young and little-known company flew under the radar and left them all speechless. It is a mark Croatian Rimac and their electric Concept S, to which otherwise can not respond. First that left us without words is its design as derived from some Italian studio with motoring pedigree. When we are going to survive all that,traces apsolving the numbers led 1384’s horsepower and 1,800’s newton-meters. Of the four electric motors they are transmitted to all wheels through an unusual pattern – rear with two-stage dual-clutch gearbox and the front with a one separate

transmission. With joint efforts, the adjusted Rimac Concept_S to respectable 365 mph and accelerated to 100 for 2.5 to 5.6 and 200 to 300 kilometers per hour for 13.1 sec. There are still numbers, but for them on another occasion – now is the time to take a breath …

01-rimac-concept-s-geneva-1 013-rimac-concept-s 015-rimac-concept-s 08369914-photo-salon-geneve-2016-rimac-concept-one-et-concept-s maxresdefault rimac-conceptone-and-concepts-quietly-place-croatia-on-the-ev-making-map_5

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