SUV F-Pace will become the best-selling model of Jaguar?

It already happens to sports brands Porsche and BMW,SUV  to be sell more of the “standard” models, may soon become a reality and the Jaguar, with the start of sales of the F-Pace.


Market for years can not be satisfied with sports SUVs and crossovers. Model of this segment no longer be lacking in any one manufacturer, even if its introduction hitting directly in the image of the brand. But it does not bother anyone. On the contrary. Porsche now sells more copies of the Cayenne and Macan, rather than sports coupes, convertibles and roadsters. Brand from Zuffenhausen meanwhile sold more than 200,000 vehicles per year, a figure that would not have reached without the sports SUVs in the offer.
The same is the case with BMW, with a whole range of sporting SUVs, ranging from the smallest to the X1 SUV coupe X6, which largely contribute to the Bavarians hold first place in the premium segment for decades. Mercedes progress with fantastic pace, thanks among other things, the amendment and updating supply sports SUVs, super luxury brand Bentley can not produce enough samples Bentayga, competitor Rolls-Royce prepares model, Maserati has just unveiled Levante at the Motor Show in Geneva …


Jaguar will soon start selling sports SUV F-Pace. According to the received orders, dealers appear fantastic interest “longfeat
” model developed on the platform of the limo XE. With a look that follows the design- led brand and upgrades in the direction that attracts buyers of F-Pace is left but to take primacy in the sale of Jaguar.

The offer of engines consists of two-liter diesel with 180 hp combined with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, trilitarski diesel with 300 hp two liter petrol engine with 240 hp version with rear-wheel drive and trilitarski petrol engine with 380 hp. Jaguar F-Pace will claim its place in konurentska fierce battle, the combination of sporting driving characteristics and everyday practicality.

With price list for the UK market starts from £ 34,710, or about 45,000 euros, F-Pace will fight BMX X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLK. Although the body is tailored sportswear, cabin F-Pace is among the largest in the class, with a wheelbase of 2.87 meters and a trunk volume of 650 liters. Meanwhile starting speculation that Jaguar is preparing a mold of the upper class.





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