Audi unveiled SQ7 V8 TDI

And the biggest member of the “Q” family, Audi Q7, got its sporty version – SQ7, thanks to new, powerful V8 TDI engine, up to 100 kilometers per hour, accelerates in just 4.8 seconds …


Although the current focus is on automotive developments in the Geneva Motor Show which runs until March 13, Audi continues to launch new models or versions of existing versions in the offer. So at the company headquarters in Ingolstadt, is presented model SQ7 – first Q7 model received its performantna “S” version.
What this model makes interesting is the all-new power unit in the form of a 4.0-liter V8 TDI turbodiesel engine, which releases 435 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque, and possesses a new Common-rail system with injection pressures up to 2500 bar.

But that’s not all, considering that SQ7 is also the first production car, which besides the standard turbo chargers, there will be more flexible and electro compressor, which helps the engine further то eliminates turbo lag at low revs.
The engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels, which in Audi is already proven. Options, buyers are offered sports differential called torque vectoring, which allows delivery of different torque between the wheels on the rear axle to improve driving dynamics.

Audi is particularly proud of the latter system, which takes care of the body to remain “calm” in all conditions. Novelty is a compact electric motor that through a three-degree planetary carrier separates the two halves of presets. The rugged terrain, the halves are separated and to achieve a higher comfort while at sport driving, they are joined and thus significantly reduces lateral tilting of the body. The front and rear stabilizer are regulated independently of each other, which improves precision in managing and driving features. Certainly, there are benefiting from the additional 48-volt network, which enables higher capacity, faster operation and activity at lower speeds. In the absence of hydraulics no need for maintenance.Although SQ7 is difficult through two tons, thanks to strong V8 TDI engine from standstill to 100 kph sprint in just 4.8 seconds, while top speed
is electronically limited to 250 mph.

Of course, in line with the performance and the mark “S”, with that goes the price of Germany starts from 89.990 euros.
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