The comeback after a long absence,model of Fiat – 124 was presented with a suit of Abarth in Geneva. The new generation is built upon one of the most popular roadsters – Mazda MX5. Italians have taken care of their own way, even though a little reminiscent of Japan’s still to be unique


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The power of the vehicle is not something especially for today’s standards – 170 horsepower and 250 Nm, with rear wheels. But the weight is just 1,060 kg or 6.2 kg per horsepower. With such a curb weight can boast very few modern cars. The acceleration is also not very impressive, the hundred grand to – 6.8 seconds, but the main advantage of the vehicle’s is his managing and his behavior on the road, as well as satisfaction with the lack of roof. It is very primary things in cars, nowadays few of them possess.


Suspension got new dampers from Bilstein and solid anti-roll bar, and stopping is entrusted to Brembo. Besides the standard six-speed manual transmission also available is and new automatic named Sequenziale Sportivo, which according to the manufacturer offers pure racing feeling. And to be all trendy, new and exhaust Record Monza.


Externaly model incorporates many elements such as the black mask,bumper with larger openings, sills and rear wing, as well as black wheels. The color of the car is a reference to the classic 124, and all emblems have been replaced by a scorpion Abarth. The interior is a combination of Alcantara and leather through common elements with contrasting red thread.
Besides the basic model was presented competing version for Class R-GT, which will include car racing next season. The car will be a power of 300 horsepower and will enter into battle with Lotus and Porsche.


Definitely the owners of this car will not brag excitement and fun, because this car offers more than that.

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