Geneva 2016: Aggressive C-HR is the smallest SUV in the Toyota range

Last year at  the Motor Show in Frankfurt we had the opportunity to meet with a crossover that promises sow much! What Toyota officials had promised then filled in a few months after.In Geneva arrived official version of the C-HR.
The world’s largest manufacturer for two years announced this model and serial performance did not disappoint us att all – it looks almost as good as the concept …


C-HR will be mini SUV, placed under RAV 4, based on the new global platform of Toyota. According to the Japanese, this will be most fun car driving in the class, thanks to the small table and a low center of gravity. Top engineers are so sure of this, that even driving properties sre compareing with the best in the compact class! It will be interesting to test this in practice.
Such features are logged on with the exterior design, which is a big step forward for the conservative  Toyota and it seems to be the first in the line of aggressive models that follow in the future. Look with angles, with many diamond geometric shapes, aggressive front grille and rear compartment. The handle for opening the rear doors is even placed in the upper part of the door to be adjusted such view. It will definitely be a hit with younger buyers in Europe, especially among the male population, which Nissan Juke for example excessive female.
Toyota C-HR is not going to be  Made in Japan, because it will be manufactured at Toyota factory in Turkey where they come also models Corolla and Verso. The base model will be a hybrid and as such is based on the proven Prius motorization with a total of 122 hp and CO2 emissions below 90 g / km.
Under the hood, like almost every new Toyota, the supply will come from the new hybrid Prius, which will bring fuel consumption under 3.5 liters on average and CO2 emissions below 90 g / km, but respectable performance – the plant has 122 hp and it is lighter than the one installed in the Auris Hybrid example.

Besides the hybrid, the bid includes the new 1.2-liter turbo gasoline engine with 115 hp, which will be offered with a manual six-speed transmission and CVT transmission. It will be available in a model with all-wheel drive, but only turbo petrol with CVT automatic transmission.
Toyota C-HR should arrive on the market by the middle of this year. Prices have not been announced, but the assumption is that it will be partially higher than those of Auris, measured with the same level of plant and equipment.

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