Geneva 2016: Mercedes-Benz presents the performance of convertible C Class

Mercedes-Benz enriches the family of C Class models with a convertible version, which will be based on the body, and will be available in early summer, like it shot be for such a car …


The design is pretty family, that car looks just as we all expected – C Class Coupe with a canvas roof. Interestingly, there are two versions of the cloth roof – basic black version and a second version with improved sound insulation, which comes in black, red, brown and blue.

Why Mercedes-Benz does not include the roof even better in the basic model is the clearest, but probably is for customers to have to pay the extra money for it – the premium manufacturers earn most of the equipment.


Otherwise the roof can be opened in less than 20 seconds, there is a real rear glass and thanks to it’s fabric, reduces the boot from 360 to 285 liters when open – much less than in cars with a hard roof.

Motorization will be composed of two turbo diesel with 2.1 liter displacement and 170 hp or 205 total plead petrol engines, starting with a 1.6 liter turbocharged 155 hp, then 2.0 liter turbo with 182, 210 and 245 hp and C400 model with 3.0 V6 turbo gasoline engine with 330 hp. For the sports minded, it is available and C43 AMG model with the same V6 petrol engine, but winding 365 hp.

From the other advantages of the C Class Cabriolet, there must certainly mention Air Scarf system taken from the S Class Cabriolet, which blows warm air around the occupant’s neck in order to ensure maximum protection even if the open roof in cooler autumn and winter days. The interior has four seats and should offer respectable space and the rear bench.

Than ordinary C Class, the suspension is lowered by 15 mm and even in the base model gets an adaptive suspension with the possibility surcharges AMG sports or super comfortable air suspension.

The price of C Class Cabriolet that arrives at markets in June, is expected to begin from 45,000 euros upwards.


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