Geneva 2016: Centenario is the most powerful Lamborghini ever!!

Lamborghini in Geneva presented the model Centenario, which will be produced in comicly little samples, it is based on Aventador, has power of 760 hp and he is made in honor of the founder Ferruccio Lamborghini …


The Lamborghini this year celebrates the 100th birthday of its creator and how better to celebrate it than with the V12 such a beast? Normally, such a model would be extremely exclusive – will be produced 20 coupes and 20 roadsters, which means that the chance to see the roads are very, very slim.

00cent2016And if that happens, you will certainly make good rinse eyes – Centenario may seem most poverful of all Lamborghini models from the 90s onwards, ie after the immortal Countach. Sure, it is notable that the car is based on the Aventador, but the details are very aggressive, especially air vents front and side and rear diffuser shameless big air and thin LED lights, reminiscent of the flashing swords of Star Wars.


Under the hood, in the middle of the car is situated well-known for Lamborghini V12 engine with a displacement of 6.5 liters, which is now winding 760 hp at 8,600 rev / min, enough to sprint hundred kilometers in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed 350 km / h. To enable full force well to convey the substrate, Lamborghini has built special magnetic suspension system to manage all four wheels and special Shifting Rod transmission, which is popular in that it can literally “The Overcoat” neck with aggressive and fast gear changes.

Thanks to the development of carbon fiber, Centenario weighs only 1,520 kilograms, which means it has 500 hp per ton – a respectable figure. For safe braking will cater special ceramic brakes, which, according to Lamborghini can stop the car from 300 km / h to 0 km / h in just 290 meters.

Since it is a very exclusive car, the price will be lower – 1.75 million euros, without taxes, meaning that no problem will rise above 2 million for the end customer.

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