Ford Fiesta ST 200 hp arrives at the Geneva Motor Show



Ford of Swiss salon will present new sport version of the Fiesta, with 200 hp, accelerating to a hundred in 6.7 seconds and an exclusive combination of colors and equipment.

The Ford obviously suits the popularity of Ford Fiesta, which continuously holds the number one position in sales in the segment. As a reward for success, Germans will crown the champion series model of the  year with a new sport version of the base Fiesta ST, with ten percent more power and 20 percent higher torque.
Production version as the strongest in the history of the model, Fiesta ST200 speeds up to a hundred in 6.7 seconds and has several exclusive “details” as matte black wheels 17 inches, more equipment and all wrapped in a body painted in “storm grey”. Production will start in June, and before the end of the summer will be followed by the start of delivery of Fiesta ST200.

The model is recognizable by the red brake calipers, Recaro sports seats in a combination of leather and fabric, shtepuvani silver thread, and seat belts with silver details.


The standard 1.6 liter engine, the ST200 delivers an additional 15 hp and 30 njutnmetri for up to 15 seconds via short burst pressure turbonatpolnenjeto. The ratio in the differential was shortened from 3.82 to 4.06, which gets even posuvereno acceleration and certainly more sporty driving enjoyment. Top speed is 230 mph.

Along with that followed and modifications to the underbody, with a corresponding adjustment of the stability control, a special performance of spherical joints for steering and rigid rear axle, new front and rear springs that lowered the body by 15 millimeters, more direct management and larger brake discs behind.

Ford introduced the Fiesta ST in 2013, with 182 hp and 240 njutnmetri 1.6-liter engine generation EcoBoost. They have since sold 30,000 copies of the model to the European market, out of which 19,200 British market.


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