Renault Scenic is ready for launch

On the Internet we can find the first picturescc of the new generation of the Scenic, which will be officially presented on 1 March,at the auto salon in Geneva.French serve us for the first time  20 years ago and now they are first to bring a new life.



After Renault released a photograph of the model Megane wagon  another car is discovered from this manufacturer whos world premiere will be at the Geneva salon. New Scenic will be with more attractive design than its predecessor, with whom functionality had priority over appearance.

While it is fundamental to the new generation of the Megane, the front of the Renault Scenic styleshly more remind us of the crossoversc of the French manufacturer (Kaptur, Staff), while designer roots should be sought in less forgotten R-Space concept from 2011.

As a model, “Kaptur” Scenic also will have bodywork in two colors. At that way Renault is trying to attract younger buyers and also to those fastidious to offer more opportunities for individualisation.

Meanwhile, Renault announced the official photos of the new Scenic ( at which is shown only front and side of the vehicle).

French manufacturer states that under the development of Scenic 4. he wanted to offer a buyers “a completely new, fresh look of the compact MPV segment.”

For the first time in one Scenic supply has panoramic windscreen as that of the model “Erspejs.” Compared with its predecessor, the new model has a greater distance from the ground, while flaws in the body before the front and behind the rear axle is reduced.

Simultaneously, they increased  the width of the vehicle wheel.
Technical details (and photos of the rear and interior) will be available on March 1, when Renault hold the official premiere of Scenic fourth.

We are sow exited to see this amaizing new Reanault car.


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